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What are the cleaning methods for the reaction kettle of the laboratory?

What are the cleaning methods for the reaction kettle of the laboratory? It is very important to choose suitable methods for the long-term use of the surface of laboratory reactor kettle body: mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning and solvent cleaning. But no matter which way you choose. >            When choosing cleaning methods for laboratory reactor vessel wall, we should consider several points:            First, we must understand the categories of pollutants and select suitable cleaning methods for them. Solvent vapour degreasing, ultrasonic cleaning and water based cleaning agents should be paid attention to. Chemical cleaning such as lye and acid rot is a method of removing other pollutants such as paint, carbon deposition or solvent removal and chemical cleaning.            Two, we must understand the effect of washing methods on the performance and use of laboratory reactors. The cleaning method selected shall not damage the sealing surface of the kettle lid and prevent the equipment from being used malfunction.            Three, it is necessary to know the practicability of the selected cleaning method, for example, if the cleaned kettle body is too large, it can not be put into the ultrasonic tank for cleaning. 


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